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COVID19 Related Information

To keep our clients and therapists as safe as possible, our therapists and  front desk staff are working remotely.  If you have a session scheduled, your therapist will contact you and make arrangements for remote counseling before the session.

About Us

Change of Mind, LLC (formerly Leever Mental Health Counseling) is a mental health practice which focuses on dissociation, depression, anxiety, and other similar forms of mental/emotional suffering.  The practice views most disorders as being an unconscious attempt to escape dissociated feelings such as anger, hurt, sadness, etc.  These dissociated feelings are often driven by unconscious beliefs or cognitions developed in childhood as a result of adversity or trauma.  Certainly, not all mental disorders are formed in this fashion, but trauma and adverse childhood experience certainly set the stage for a vast majority of disorders.

Change of Mind, LLC / Leever Mental Health Counseling
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